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Exosis is experienced in exploiting exosomes, virus-sized particles that bud off cells, in two platforms: creating anti-viral and anti-bacterial vaccines and creating novel therapeutic approaches to cancer. The company has in-house experts in state-of-the art exosome technology, in molecular and cellular immunology as well as the infrastructure and experience necessary for the testing and development of novel Immunotherapeutics, from the laboratory through to clinical trials.  

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Company Profile

Exosis Inc was founded to discover, develop, and commercialize immune therapies and vaccines derived from exosomes.  

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Technology Platform

According to BioInformant over the past few years, at least 45 market competitors have emerged to compose the Exosome industry in therapeutics and diagnostics. 

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Vaccine Strategy

The pandemic resulting from the introduction of SARS-CoV-2 into the human population worldwide defines an urgent need for new vaccines that can induce broadly protective responses with increased potency and durability. Our solution for this challenge is to target both B cell and multiple T cell responses, via presentation of a greater variety of antigenic epitopes, together with an immune potentiator in a single, safe, virus-sized particle, the exosome. Upon subcutaneous delivery, exosomes traffic in lymphatics to lymph nodes where, by virtue of their size, they are readily taken up by key antigen presenting dendritic cells (DCs). The rapid access of antigen to DCs activates effective B and T cell responses, and cross priming needed for induction of potent CD8 T cells. The SARS-CoV2 vaccine is being used as a prototype to develop other exosome-based vaccines based on the same principles, including a pan-coronavirus and novel vaccines to emerging epidemics. 

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